The era of unshackled Apple executives [Opinion]

17 Jun

The Apple iOS goodies before the Apple iOS 7.

12 Jun

Okay, you know what I’m talking about. The most requested service in the older iOS version, and by older I mean iOS’s 1 thru 5. It’s the Wireless Syncing. 

Wireless Syncing between iOS device and iTunes came into our lives (officially) with iOS 5. Why was that so important? Because it cut all the cords and brought freedom, to our desks and to our devices. 

However, there was a huge issue, with Windows PC’s. The wireless sync was not working properly, at least it wasn’t for me. After browsing the net for a solution, I finally came up with something and made iTunes found and connected to my devices, in this case my iPad and my iPod touch, BUT THE ACTUAL SYNCING PROCESS WAS NOT WORKING. Every time I tried to sync, iTunes failed to connect to devices and messed up the whole process. I tried giving static IP’s to my devices including my PC, I tried to reset the router. Nothing worked. 

Finally, I guess a year later, or two, Apple released iTunes version 11.0.3, which solved the Wireless Syncing issue for me. I don’t have a clue why this is working, it just does. I’m currently running Windows 8 and I don’t use static IP on any of my devices. 

DO NOT UPDATE to iTunes version 11.0.4, which is currently the newest version,  because it will ruin everything. I updated, and actually had go to back to the 11.0.3 which is working perfectly.  Leave a comment down below and let me know if this works for you too.

Quick tip for those who can’t attend WWDC next week

4 Jun

So its that time of the year again, Apple is going to reveal what they have been doing since the last years conference, hopefully some new product lineups. It is the Worldwide Developers Conference 2013. 

You needed to pay a fee to attend this conference, and you also needed to be lucky in order to score one, but this years ticket sale ended in almost 3 minutes. 

However there is an other way to get a closer look whats happening inside the Moscone West, the WWDC app. Of course its not the same experience, but the app can provide you the latest news, video footage from the presentations, keynotes and sessions, and lets you follow along with the conference. Sure the app is available in the App Store for free, but you need to be a registered developer to use it.

If you are new to the developers world, and you want to have a closer look at whats going on during the conference, there is a way to do that without sacrificing a penny; registering to the Safari Dev Center, which will provide you the access to the WWDC app. 

You are welcome.


Excited About Plans to Bring BBM to iOS and Android? Help Spread the Word with New Avatars

29 May

Inside BlackBerry

BBM for All!

A few weeks ago we had some really exciting news for BlackBerry Messenger (BBM). You’ve responded about how excited you are for BBM Channels, and a large number of you are using the BBM Channels beta, which is great. I’ve also been happy to read your feedback on the news that BlackBerry plans to bring BBM to iOS and Android platforms later this year.

Now we’ve made it easy for you to share the news with your friends who might not have heard. Check out these avatars that you can save, download and set as your BBM or social network avatar to help spread the word. Simply follow the instructions below to add these images as your BBM display picture.


To change your BBM Display Picture:

1. Right-click on the avatar of your choice and select “Save picture as” to save it to your computer.

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Jony Ive’s new look for iOS 7: black, white, and flat all over

24 May

Here we go, Apple.

Great Programmers Write Debuggable Code

6 May

Henrik Warne's blog

All programs need some form of logging built in to them, so we can observe what it is doing. This is especially important when things go wrong. One of the differences between a great programmer and a bad programmer is that a great programmer adds logging and tools that make it easy to debug the program when things fail.

When the program works as expected, there is often no difference in the quality of the logging. However, as soon as the program fails, or you get the wrong result, you can almost immediately tell the good programmers from the bad.

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The Internet is Dying.

5 May

Computers, tablets, and cellphones are the tools that made the internet so popular worldwide, and they have almost become the thing we use the most in our daily lives. We use the internet for almost everything today, such as gathering information, reading the World’s latest news, watching videos, following social network sites and even doing grocery shopping. To do all this stuff, we need to have access to the internet, which is provided by our service providers, also known as ISPs.

The variety of these ISP’s makes it possible the internet connection for everybody. Every country, and some third world countries have more than 3 service provides. Some has cheaper prices; some has better speed, or different options. The only thing they have in common – they used to have, to be clear – is their connection to every single website, database or search engine available to users without any limitation. Nowadays, some ISP’s started to charge extra money from their customers to make the access possible to the popular websites among the web, such as YouTube, or search engines like Google, apart from the quality and the speed they provide. It’s basically the privatization of the internet, and an easy way to make money from something that is common all around the world.

However, websites are also fighting against the ISP’s policies. People create web pages to reach people from everywhere, not just the ones who can afford to log in and reach the content. Like people, companies also think that ideas worth spreading. For example Google is doing its best, for a clear, better internet for more than five people for years. Facebook is another example for companies fighting against for paid access. After the rumors have been around for two years, the company put up a sign indicates that the Facebook will never be a paid website.
Sadly, this hasn’t been enough to stop ISPs. The money you get from the ISP’s broadband memberships started not to be enough. Some started to decrease the network speeds, for specific websites or for websites in general, to make the consumers upgrade their broadband plan. On the other hand, others blocked the access to websites and made you pay extra to log in to that specific website. To summarize with many folders the situation, taking control over the web, by ISPs is being discriminative. And most of the people have not realized the danger yet, or they don’t know what is actually happening. The Internet is dying, which is the last thing I want it to happen right now.

Nobody wants to use search engines and websites that always bring up unrelated contents and full of ads. As a result, people are forced to pay extra to see the content they want. And people are willing to share it, because they don’t want to use the other websites to get content or they can cancel their subscription because they are tied to a contract. As I said before, people don’t know what’s happening, and they should be told. Like President Obama, who has strong statements on net neutrality, governments and companies should raise the public awareness on the issue, by campaigns and media. I believe that no one has to be pushed, discriminated or cheated. The Internet needs to be equally distributed to the people of planet Earth equally.