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Vacation – Snow(Oh Yeah)

20 Jan

What’s up fellas? I haven’t been posting to my blog for a couple of days, I have a reason tho. Here, it snowed so badly, almost a meter of snow covered the roads, top of the houses, just everywhere, and due to that, we had an electricity problem again. So anyways, I left everything that I’m doing and tried to rest.

Usually, in Turkey, we have a two-weeks vacation after the end of the first semester, like after all the exams finished. However, this year, it’s 3 weeks!!! Hell yeah I love that god damn snow, eventho it made everything so hard to do!

And I wanted to share my excitement with you. I’m going to do some shopping this weekend wohaa!!

Anyways, nowadays I’m working on my recordings and I’ll try to upload them, GarageBand helps me so much by the way.

Stay cool.


I told you.

17 Jan


Yeah I have mentioned about how I’m in to tech. Yeah I’m that in to tech. To engrave my iPad as “My owner loves me so much because I’m an iPad.”

Seriously, I love my iPad, it has changed my life since the day I ordered it. I started hearing you saying “How?”. Basically, I can do my basic tasks, such as surfing the web and checking my email on it and I can barely say that I can replace my laptop to an iPad. Of course I won’t, but you know.

One thing missing on my iPad is the 3G connection (I know the one in the picture is a 3G model but now I’m using a different iPad due to other problems, it has the same engraving tho).

I suggest this device to every people who uses their computer to use basic task, because it a real time-saver.

The best thing I love on this device is , it helps you to discover new things, for instance your talents and abilities and new music bands, with the helps of the applications of course.

Sadly, we had no electricity in our town due to bad weather and I spent a painful 6 hours when my battery is dead. (the iPad has 10 hours of battery life, yeah we didn’t have electricity for almost 16 hours!!)

Don’t forget to pay a visit to the closest Apple store and try this amazing thing.


16 Jan


Today, it snowed. It made me feel so happy, because snow also made me take one day off school, which was an exam day. Anyways, I also feel very happy about me finding some other place (I mean here) to share my thoughts with you people.

I kinda feel different now due to the exams stress and I have figured out recently that I’m really in to computers, seriously, that I can’t focus on anything else. IDK why but it takes a huge amount of my time.

The reason that I created this page is because I want to try some other things and share them here. (I guess)

P.s. I will post also in Turkish and some other languages.

P.s. There is an upcoming Apple event on Thursday the 19th.