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Conference Weekend!

19 Feb

Hello people! I have been away from my computer in past two weeks, so sad. But this doesn’t mean that I have done boring things. Because, I was in a conference last weekend!! And it was totally awesome.

Let me give you more about it. The conference I have attended is called TIUF. It means TED Istanbul National Forum. Its a national conference that some high school students attend and discuss about Turkey’s problems, and even some international ones, in EYP (European Youth Parliament) format of course. You can apply to this conference in variety of choices. You can be a delegate, to participate in the committee and prepare the resolution paper, you apply as a chair, to rule the committees and eventually, you can be a journalist, to take pictures of the delegates during the sessions and prepare articles for the conference magazine. I did personally choose to be a delegate, to participate best.

The conference is four days long, that means you have a very short time to discuss the problems and present them, oh, and to meet new people. The schedule was very tight, seriously. We almost did nothing but the orientation in the first day, we played some games, you know to get to know each other. In the second and the third day, we did the committee sessions, basically got into a room and discussed the problems and prepare the resolution papers. In the last day of the program, there was General Assembly, GA, where all the committees present the solutions that they have found in the previous days.

At the end, everybody was too tired, even some delegates slept during the General Assembly. But, I could see that everybody was proud. Some failed, but still, they were proud of their work. That last part reminded me, that I forgot the most important part of the conference, the Organizers. They were the structure, they were the ones who made it possible. Seriously, they worked harder than anybody, furthermore, they opened their houses to the delegates, they provided food, and they got help. They divided into kinds of course. There were really hard working ones, there were friendly ones, like Defne Kayserilioglu, Onur Beykoz, there were dancer ones like Kemal Ergin, and of course there were beautiful ones like Ezgi Aydin.

And I would like to write about some of the committees that were on the conference. Economy, Environment, Human Rights, Ecosoc were a few of them.

Finally, I would like to give special thanks to Eda Guler (, one of the journalist who took the photos of the delegates, good job Eda!

To sum up, that conference was one of the 4 days of 2012 and I really had a good time, met new people that I’ll never forget, and worked my ass off that hard for the first time in two months.

So anyway, I’ll try to catch you up real soon, but don’t expect me to write any post in March, because I’ve got a lotta exams, like the March Madness, or March Massacre to be exact.

Take care people, hope you enjoyed.


Official Last Day Of My Winter Vacation

3 Feb


It was a busy day today. I got up earlier than yesterday (10am) and studied, but not much.
Today was not that FaceTime day, because I went to my friend’s in the afternoon.

Today I saw something interesting, a GameBoy from ’89. I was like WOW. We spent 2 hours only with playing Super Mario Bros on that device.

Later, I found out that Best Buy have discounts on Apple iTunes gift cards! The discount was for a limited time and it was 20% off all the Apple gift cards for online delivery of course. I couldn’t stop myself and got one for my account.

I don’t even know how to spend that money on apps, I don’t have any apps to buy, I think. But I’m open for suggestions, as usual.

And also I want to say that its still very cold and snowy in here. Nothing to do but playing Assassins Creed.

This is all for today, stay cool.

My Vacation.

2 Feb

Hey, what’s up?

Well, nothing much in here. I’ve been on vacation for almost 2 weeks. And also there is snow.

Obviously its cold too. Well, I couldn’t find anything better than playing with my LEGO’s. Also, I gotta study for my exams, which is kinda sounds awkward, well at least for me.

Want to hear something interesting? Last week, I went to a camp, a tech camp, to receive an education about Cryptology. Yeah you heard right, its been a week full of ciphers waiting to be deciphered. It was kinda interesting tho, learning some methods, and the history as well.

I even wrote a code on a C++ compiler, which is for deciphering a Vigenere coded text. Not a big deal.

I went to shopping, needed some jackets and I bought them. I also bought some albums, including Kings Of Leon – Come Around Sundown. KOL is one of my favorite band and the album is pretty amazing. Couldn’t help myself to listen all the album at once.

Right now, my gaming life is a complete mess. I have a lotta games that I need to play by the end of this month. Actually I have like 9. But its still a challenge, for a junior high school student. Got things to do.

Also in my free time, except playing Assassins Creed, I play guitar. I like Eric Clapton a lot, and I appreciate playing his songs. I’m working on Tears In Heaven nowadays. I even have a Record Player, to listen his records(I’m not sure if he have records, my dad is a huge fan of  Pink Floyd, that’s why we have a record player. But I have all of Eric Clapton’s albums, I really do.)

I really love the Apple products but in these days, I grew a bad habit. I FaceTime all the time, especially during my meals and when preparing the meals. Seriously its so bad.  Actually sometimes its not, you know. Its just FaceTime. You can be with people, not like that but kinda, who you can actually never see. This is how I see it, it is, wonderful. I have been FaceTimeing with my friends, close friends, like the way I never did before. 2 days ago, I FaceTimed with a friend named Gizem. We almost FaceTimed the whole day. And today, was quite awesome. I have a friend named Irem, maaaaaaannnn we did eat lunch with some candlelight LOL, on FaceTime, seriously it was awesome. However, my iPad’s battery is not OK with it, its like dropped 30% in 2 hours!!!

By the way, if you liked the picture, there is more on the way.

I almost got nothing left to say, stay cool.

P.S. I’ll try to post more often, it has been hard past 2 weeks since I was on vacation.