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Back & Alive

22 Apr

Hello there guys. I am out of exam season. For now.

Anyways, its such a shame that I couldn’t find time to write on my blog, even turn on my computer. I have been very busy back in March with the exams. And then, at the beginning of April, there was a conference waiting for me.

I was like “OMG conference week!!” and “Crap I didn’t do any preparation yet!!” and I was very excited to attend that conference. There were two reasons for that, first was I really like to participate in conferences and the second was this conference was going to be my last one (at least this year I hope).

And some information about the conference, I’d like to give (Yoda English). The conference is named Robert College International Model United Nations, aka RCIMUN. This was the 6th year of the conference, which takes place in Robert College Campus in Istanbul, Turkey. This was our schools 4th year of attending this conference and this year was my 3rd RCIMUN.


What basically about this conference is, its a simulation of United Nations. Group of students represent countries in some specific delegations like Human Rights, Environment, Political etc. You have some topics to research about and at the end of two days, you are preparing a resolution. Although the conference is 5 days, you have to submit this resolutions in three days. After that, there is general assembly. You present your resolution to the other committees there.

I was sad at the end, but I have spent a great 5 days, enjoying the environment, hanging out with great people. And gotta say, it was definitely fun. And it is a great chance to visit the historical places in Istanbul as well.

Of course, after I got home, I had post conference depression, followed by a week full of exams and my birthday, 20th of April.


Well there is not much to say about it, it was awesome. I’d like to thank all my friends who have congratulated me on my birthday, and the ones who were with me last night. I love you guys thank you.

OK, this is pretty much it for now, I’ll try to post again in a week, also I am working on my Flickr page, I’ll upload the link when its done.

And one last thing, summer is coming, time to be cool now. Take care!