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Adventure Day

21 Jun

OK, so yesterday was the first day we went exploring the town as a group. Actually, it was not exploring, kinda like shopping! Before we went to Pentagon City Mall, we went to a Guitar Center in Fairfax, with my friend Raymond, to browse for accoustic guitars. He got himself a $300 travel size guitar from a place where any of us been before! It was a total adventure travelling with him and a taxi driver who hardly speak english! So anyways after we found the place, we hang around there and jammed for almost 2 hours. It was the most amazing guitar shop I have ever been in my life. Obviously the worst part was finding a cab back… Anyways after spending $40 total on cabs, we finally arrived to Pentagon City mall to meet our friends. Hanging around there was also an adventure for us because it was too crowded!! And here is the tip, if you are not tired after going shopping, you should definitely go and workout!! I had a session of 2 hours of basketball after shopping. Although I felt exhausted afterwards, it was awesome!

So anyways, that is all for yesterday. I want to share some about the time I stopped updating the blog. First of the fullness of my schedule, papers, speeches etc. Sorry about that, but I had great time during this period.

As you know, the nba finals, we have been playing pool on game nights. And I find out that I’m really good at it! There is a game tonight, we will see what happens.

DC is too hot these days, it was 100 degrees outside. Now I’m going back to dorms but literally too hot.

I’ll try to catch up with you soon, take care!

12 Jun

I can’t wait to update to the dev preview, this thing is really great and I think this is why it is considered the best mobile operating system. It’s just getting better all the time.

Challenge: Survive the First Week of College – Done!

8 Jun

YAAY! We are almost done with the first week in College! We have finished classes and we are gonna celebrate it tomorrow with 6-flags! 

Basically, we have homework to do, but it doesn’t matter. College life is great so far. I haven’t done my first laundry yet tho. 

So a hard weekend waiting for me! Gotta get down and do my homework! See you!

Georgetown Summer HOYA 2012 Day 5

7 Jun

What’s up fellas? Just out of the class, chilling in the grass, lying down, facing to the great old structure of the GU. Life is couldn’t be better. The weather is actually great.

So when I woke up this morning at 8.30, I felt so tired! Went directly to the breakfast and had my first class. Pretty much nothing, but I started to think the work outs are like really working out right now.

After class, probably go to shopping and gym afterwards. It is really relaxing to spend some time in the gym. Anyways need to grab lunch, have a nice day!

Georgetown Summer HOYA 2012 Day 4

7 Jun

Hey guys! Today is couldn’t be much better. At first, I solved the problem of not receiving signal on Tmo’s network. I had to set up all the email accounts again but it worth it.

Secondly, our classes were extremely enjoyable. After finishing with the classes and homework stuff, we had spent a lot of time on playing  the piano, and after that, went shopping with my friends, to the M Street of course. 

After I got back, I had to complete my training at the Yates and I just went to train there for and hour. It is really relaxing to work out and since there is too many friends, it turns out to be fun actually. 

Obviously having great time in here with people as well as the environment, however some assignments are kind of hard. Still believe that I can get use to it, and I think I have been great, it just takes some time.

Here is a heads up, this weekend is going to be fun, except the Turkish Jokes that my international friends try to make to make fun of me but, guys, it’s not working lol.

This is all for today, have a nice evening people!

Georgetown Summer HOYA 2012 Day 3

5 Jun

Hello there! I have started a great day! Last night, I was too busy with playing games with our internationals group and doing homework. And I had a better sleep last night than the previous days.

Basically at 9pm last night, we all gathered around and had fun with playing Jenga, and eating ice cream, but that’s not it of course. There was frisbee as well. And we have played a game that I don’t know about its name lol.

But, after class was much more fun. I did meet my parents after class, who have bought me a couple of dorm stuff and a pair of running shoes. We have gone all way thru to the Connecticut avenue, to get me a sim card for my Blackberry.

Now I should go to the Leo’s to have breakfast, keep cool.

There will be another update on this post later today.

Georgetown Summer HOYA 2012 Day 2

4 Jun


Good morning every one! I just left behind my first day at the campus and now found myself writing this blog post in the mornings. Yesterday was fun but did nothing but check in, campus tour and orientation games! More on to that later.

Since it’s my 2nd day in the country, I might still have the possibility to have jet lag for couple of days more, but it haven’t affected me yet, luckily. 

This is a lovely place. It is kinda big tho, and also there are some confusing building names as well. The dining hall is great, and it is self served, so you can eat as much  as you want. The book store is quite large, they sell dorm supplies, hoodies, and accessories like Georgetown caps, other than text books.

So the orientation. In the dorms, which are located in the Reynolds Family Hall, there are 2 floors, one for girls and the other is for boys. Last night, we came all together, and played some kind of a bingo game, just to get to know each other more. And then, they offered us some delicious Georgetown Cupcakes, for free. The people in here are so nice, and they said we will be having more enjoyable activities after classes, and even some big events on Saturdays. It seems that they have also worked hard for this program, I hope it is gonna be great.

I think I am done here for today, since I need to leave for breakfast. But there might be an update on this post later today.

OK guys enjoy your day!