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31 Jul

Since my Spotify account is somehow deactivated, I have been listening to dubstep songs and seriously can’t feel my heartbeat, I think the workouts are not efficient, just kidding.

Yesterday was awesome. Finally after weeks, I got a chance to play some games, with one of my best friends. And I  think we have lost the control and played like for 4 hours continuously. It was great to kill the time while having fun.

Other than that, we had a small reunion with my friends last night, there is not much the say, it was awesome just as the other times.

For todays plan, I know I haven’t completed any progress on the Arch Linux setup, because first I have got some other things like setting up a network bridge in my room and then creating photograph albums with the iPhoto. Other than that, a Killzone 3 challenge is waiting for me right now. G2G.

Stay cool.


Couldn’t Stop Myself

29 Jul

Ahoy! After the last post, I couldn’t stop myself and found me watching another teenage drama, it feels like it makes me realize the things that I actually can not in real life time. And yet I find them pretty much entertaining, and a bit cheezy.¬†

After planning my workspace designs, I think I am just gonna crush on my bed, you know, getting up early is good even it is summer right now. Still have 8+ games to finish before the summer, and don’t mind taking a shower and shaving my beard.

My friends have planned a reunion for tomorrow, it has been 2 months since the last time we actually saw each other. It is just you can not get out much due to the crazy weather conditions, its hot and humid. What would you do?

Okay, bed time!

Change Is Coming

29 Jul

Oh damn I wish I had a backlight support on my external keyboard so that I wouldn’t made any mistakes while typing this post.

It has been a while not visiting this site, because when the things started to get complicated in the university, I stopped posting, which I think was a big mistake and I regret now, but as the title says, the change is coming. Now I have decided to be more into blogging than I was before, since some movies have inspired me, seriously people why does every single teenager in every single movie need to blog? Whatever. I actually find blogging interesting, it is like talking to yourself while letting the others read what you are saying.

I want to do a little catch up, it has been like 3 weeks since I got back from the Georgetown University Summer Hoya camp, and have been doing a lot of watching during this period, I have downloaded 15 seasons of some different Tv Shows like The Big Bang Theory, Teen Wolf, Being Human and Awkward. Fortunately I have a lot from these series, however I needed to give a break and enjoy my vacation, so I paused for now and just waiting for the new episodes to come out while doing the workout I haven’t been able to do in weeks.

This week I decided to work on another thing. It is called Arch Linux. Yes it is a Linux distro, but a different and lighter version and it is fully customizable – I mean literally. I am hoping to have a working operating system by the end of the week. And I will be updating the process in here.

I think that’s all for now and I will try to update my posts daily from now on. Cya.