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DLoss – 2nd Week

26 Sep

It has been 2 weeks since I started doing my personalized weight loss program. And I lost up to 6 pounds during these 2 weeks. I am feeling amazing, I don’t really have much supporters around me, but my process definitely makes me happy. 

So Dloss is my own weight loss program – it is basically about doing cardio for 45-50 minutes every day and weightlifting exercise for an hour twice a week. For instance, I did a 3 miles run yesterday, and weightlifting today. 

What goes well with exercise? Music. I mostly listen to Electronic, such as Daft Punk and Deadmau5, to keep up with my jogging tempo. Although I listen to Post-Rock in my free times, God Is An Astronaut will be a good example for this genre. 

My cardiovascular activity will go on everyday -except Sundays- from now on, and I will try to make that 3 mile, a 4 mile. In time of course. But now I have to study :/ Good bye fellow readers!


My Success Story

19 Sep

After reading some articles on Web-Magazines like and and watching a couple of videos on YouTube, I decided to write my own success story. Although ShayCarl had the most powerful influence on me, so credits go to him. He started a Weight-Loss program called ShayLoss a couple of years ago, on YouTube. Basically what he did is exercising -I am not quite sure if he did it everyday- and eating healthy food, and recorded them to upload his channel ( So I decided to make my own program and get fit&more healthy and have my own success story by the end of the year, so I created my own program called DLoss.

What is DLoss? DLoss is my own weight-loss and creating a new vision for life program, which includes specific exercises and cardio -you can always create your own workout, I did mine by the help of those web sites that I mentioned above- and which I keep track of 4 times a week. It is 4 times a week, because I only work out 4 days in a week. I am also new to this program, but I try to keep track of what I eat and my workouts, with the help of simple and downloadable Workout Logs from It has been a week since I started to do this program, and I have already lost 5 pounds (2.4kg) till this Wednesday and now I weigh 200 pounds. And my goal is to go down as low as 175 by the end of the year 2012. I am not limiting myself because I still am not sure what my body is capable of, but if I reach my goal earlier than I thought, I am definitely popping out a bottle of champagne… LOL just kidding, no alcohol in my diet 😀 at least till the summer of 2013.

DLoss also helping me thru the loaded school work, it helps me to empty my mind. It is so relaxing, and we are working out as a group of 5, so it is really productive, they are pushing me hard tho 😀

So I will upload this blog about the process of DLoss every week, and there will be other posts about working out tips and things to do etc. and there will be a post coming about Apple’s new iPhone and new iOS like in two or three days.

Chill out people 

School Started!

17 Sep

Hey all y’all. My it has been a week since the senior year of high school has begun. Damn, it is so tiring. I almost have zero energy when I get home after school.

I started to work with my camera to relax, taking photographs like portraits, views etc. and you can see my collection here:Daghan Percinel’s Collection

Other than that there is almost nothing to do. Now I have work to do and tests to study so gotta go bye!

Vehicle crashes into Apple’s Promenade Temecula retail store [Gallery]

6 Sep