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I am back!

6 Dec

Hello people! Its been a while not posting. I was busy with college applications, obviously, because its my senior year! I have spent the last two months preparing for the tests and just sending stuff to the schools. Although it doesn’t mean I haven’t continued DLoss program! I sure did. And lost almost 18 pounds in the past 2 months. I haven’t reached my goal, which was to drop as low as 175, but its still better than nothing! (I have like 7 more pounds to drop).

Nowadays I have a lot of time to do stuff I was not able to do before, like playing games and basically fooling around. I now have a gym subscription too, which I go 3-4 times a week for my basic workout needs.

So I have been playing the Assassins Creed 3 (amazing game, amazing graphics and amazing story), as well as the Black Ops 2 (also an amazing game, amazing graphic, haven’t played the story that much because I’ve been playing it in the multiplayer mode which is awesome) on my Playstation 3. That takes the most of my time nowadays. I have done some photoshoots as well, and you can reach them from here: My Photos

Senior year is going pretty smooth, its like “Almost F*ck You High School” and it is not as full as the last year. Its getting cold so we got our schools senior’s sweatshirts. Its not a fancy one, but helps you get thru the day.

Started to hang around YouTube lately, mostly watching to get ideas and inspirations for my creations (such as the new dock kinda thing I will be reviewing and uploading soon).

Speaking of the creations, I might stop posting to this blog (I can hear you say “Who the hell cares!” but you know, just saying” due to focusing to video creating and editing for YouTube. I will continue to be with you, there.

So I got this amazing project going on, I am not going to reveal it right now, but it is related to Assassins Creed. Stay tuned.