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The Inner Me.

28 Apr

My guitar is in the corner of the room, left to be aging. It’s been over 6 months since I haven’t play anything. Was I bored? Maybe. Did I quit? Probably. Seeking inspiration? Probably not anymore.

It didn’t gave the same feel, same experience. I felt like I’ve stopped playing only for me, but for other reasons. Not quite sure about the other reasons, but I now understand how I felt. I was not seeking inspiration, I was seeking change. 

I stopped playing. I changed my interest to different music genres, the ones that doesn’t include guitar. I have built a collection of electronic&digital music.I can openly say that didn’t last long. 

I wanted something I can make, I can relate to. That obviously didn’t mean my life was like the bass drops in the music, but my emotions were. Although it did not effect me on a daily basis, but I realized being a much different person than I was before. I wasn’t the old me.

My interest in music switched to more digital arts, like photography, sketching, and writing. Finally I found some place to show my experiences to other people. But I wasn’t sure that was what I needed.

Till this part, I left the draft untitled. I was kinda getting my mind ready to answer some unresolved issues about my art productivity in my mind. You know what it’s like, you think about it after you write – at least that’s what happen to me, most of the time I’m writing.

Most of the time in this 6 months period, I was going back and forward on whether I should continue to write. I wasn’t sure. And it hit me. 

When I was making music, I felt so relax and comfortable that I could express the inner me better. I spend 6 months seeking inspiration for nothing. Even though I didn’t like what I was playing, what I was making, I kept on going. 

Long story short,  I convinced myself to start writing again. And playing guitar. I felt like that really helped me to go on.

Thanks for tuning in.


It’s like, I’m all done.

27 Apr

I don’t know how many different starts were in my mind to begin writing this post, considering that I’ve been wondering if I should even going back to writing on this blog. I have much to tell. Don’t know if I should though. Much going in my mind for now. 

I don’t want to care anymore, since I feel confident again to open my mind, to you readers. But still, I feel pretty weird.

Okay, I want to start off with the topics I mentioned in my last post(just scroll down a bit). I AM GOING TO COLLEGE! Oh gawd, I feel terribly excited. Moving on, to DLoss, well, I haven’t lost any more weight, I am like 184ish right now, which is still okay, but I am considering to build a much powerful workout system since summer is like 2 months away(btw my gym subscription has ended).

The fooling over phase is basically over, I am not sure if it should be, but I don’t really care much  about it for now.

I’ve finished playing ACIII, and Black Ops 2. Although I wanted to write&shoot a review for it, I didn’t really put it in my schedule. Since I mentioned it in here, I feel like I should do it(FYI, both games were awesome, but BO2 has a predictable ending).

Okay, I think that’s enough for now. And I remember mentioning I would stop posting here, well since you are reading this, it won’t happen until a second announcement. However by the time I stopped writing here, I opened a Tumblr account( and started posting there, and having said that, I now have the responsibility of having to post on 2 seperate blogs, lol jk.

Last but not least, my Assassins creed project didn’t go really well, and I moved on to another one, and it’s more exciting and fun to make, of course with LEGO’s. Now I need to show it to you, great.

I don’t know why, but I’ve almost waited 3 days to finish this post. It was not on purpose, maybe it was because I never wanted to finish. Still I needed to get done with it, so I can post more. Stay tuned.