The Inner Me.

28 Apr

My guitar is in the corner of the room, left to be aging. It’s been over 6 months since I haven’t play anything. Was I bored? Maybe. Did I quit? Probably. Seeking inspiration? Probably not anymore.

It didn’t gave the same feel, same experience. I felt like I’ve stopped playing only for me, but for other reasons. Not quite sure about the other reasons, but I now understand how I felt. I was not seeking inspiration, I was seeking change. 

I stopped playing. I changed my interest to different music genres, the ones that doesn’t include guitar. I have built a collection of electronic&digital music.I can openly say that didn’t last long. 

I wanted something I can make, I can relate to. That obviously didn’t mean my life was like the bass drops in the music, but my emotions were. Although it did not effect me on a daily basis, but I realized being a much different person than I was before. I wasn’t the old me.

My interest in music switched to more digital arts, like photography, sketching, and writing. Finally I found some place to show my experiences to other people. But I wasn’t sure that was what I needed.

Till this part, I left the draft untitled. I was kinda getting my mind ready to answer some unresolved issues about my art productivity in my mind. You know what it’s like, you think about it after you write – at least that’s what happen to me, most of the time I’m writing.

Most of the time in this 6 months period, I was going back and forward on whether I should continue to write. I wasn’t sure. And it hit me. 

When I was making music, I felt so relax and comfortable that I could express the inner me better. I spend 6 months seeking inspiration for nothing. Even though I didn’t like what I was playing, what I was making, I kept on going. 

Long story short,  I convinced myself to start writing again. And playing guitar. I felt like that really helped me to go on.

Thanks for tuning in.


It’s like, I’m all done.

27 Apr

I don’t know how many different starts were in my mind to begin writing this post, considering that I’ve been wondering if I should even going back to writing on this blog. I have much to tell. Don’t know if I should though. Much going in my mind for now. 

I don’t want to care anymore, since I feel confident again to open my mind, to you readers. But still, I feel pretty weird.

Okay, I want to start off with the topics I mentioned in my last post(just scroll down a bit). I AM GOING TO COLLEGE! Oh gawd, I feel terribly excited. Moving on, to DLoss, well, I haven’t lost any more weight, I am like 184ish right now, which is still okay, but I am considering to build a much powerful workout system since summer is like 2 months away(btw my gym subscription has ended).

The fooling over phase is basically over, I am not sure if it should be, but I don’t really care much  about it for now.

I’ve finished playing ACIII, and Black Ops 2. Although I wanted to write&shoot a review for it, I didn’t really put it in my schedule. Since I mentioned it in here, I feel like I should do it(FYI, both games were awesome, but BO2 has a predictable ending).

Okay, I think that’s enough for now. And I remember mentioning I would stop posting here, well since you are reading this, it won’t happen until a second announcement. However by the time I stopped writing here, I opened a Tumblr account( and started posting there, and having said that, I now have the responsibility of having to post on 2 seperate blogs, lol jk.

Last but not least, my Assassins creed project didn’t go really well, and I moved on to another one, and it’s more exciting and fun to make, of course with LEGO’s. Now I need to show it to you, great.

I don’t know why, but I’ve almost waited 3 days to finish this post. It was not on purpose, maybe it was because I never wanted to finish. Still I needed to get done with it, so I can post more. Stay tuned.

I am back!

6 Dec

Hello people! Its been a while not posting. I was busy with college applications, obviously, because its my senior year! I have spent the last two months preparing for the tests and just sending stuff to the schools. Although it doesn’t mean I haven’t continued DLoss program! I sure did. And lost almost 18 pounds in the past 2 months. I haven’t reached my goal, which was to drop as low as 175, but its still better than nothing! (I have like 7 more pounds to drop).

Nowadays I have a lot of time to do stuff I was not able to do before, like playing games and basically fooling around. I now have a gym subscription too, which I go 3-4 times a week for my basic workout needs.

So I have been playing the Assassins Creed 3 (amazing game, amazing graphics and amazing story), as well as the Black Ops 2 (also an amazing game, amazing graphic, haven’t played the story that much because I’ve been playing it in the multiplayer mode which is awesome) on my Playstation 3. That takes the most of my time nowadays. I have done some photoshoots as well, and you can reach them from here: My Photos

Senior year is going pretty smooth, its like “Almost F*ck You High School” and it is not as full as the last year. Its getting cold so we got our schools senior’s sweatshirts. Its not a fancy one, but helps you get thru the day.

Started to hang around YouTube lately, mostly watching to get ideas and inspirations for my creations (such as the new dock kinda thing I will be reviewing and uploading soon).

Speaking of the creations, I might stop posting to this blog (I can hear you say “Who the hell cares!” but you know, just saying” due to focusing to video creating and editing for YouTube. I will continue to be with you, there.

So I got this amazing project going on, I am not going to reveal it right now, but it is related to Assassins Creed. Stay tuned.

2 Oct

The awesome tutorial that you need,

DLoss – 2nd Week

26 Sep

It has been 2 weeks since I started doing my personalized weight loss program. And I lost up to 6 pounds during these 2 weeks. I am feeling amazing, I don’t really have much supporters around me, but my process definitely makes me happy. 

So Dloss is my own weight loss program – it is basically about doing cardio for 45-50 minutes every day and weightlifting exercise for an hour twice a week. For instance, I did a 3 miles run yesterday, and weightlifting today. 

What goes well with exercise? Music. I mostly listen to Electronic, such as Daft Punk and Deadmau5, to keep up with my jogging tempo. Although I listen to Post-Rock in my free times, God Is An Astronaut will be a good example for this genre. 

My cardiovascular activity will go on everyday -except Sundays- from now on, and I will try to make that 3 mile, a 4 mile. In time of course. But now I have to study :/ Good bye fellow readers!

My Success Story

19 Sep

After reading some articles on Web-Magazines like and and watching a couple of videos on YouTube, I decided to write my own success story. Although ShayCarl had the most powerful influence on me, so credits go to him. He started a Weight-Loss program called ShayLoss a couple of years ago, on YouTube. Basically what he did is exercising -I am not quite sure if he did it everyday- and eating healthy food, and recorded them to upload his channel ( So I decided to make my own program and get fit&more healthy and have my own success story by the end of the year, so I created my own program called DLoss.

What is DLoss? DLoss is my own weight-loss and creating a new vision for life program, which includes specific exercises and cardio -you can always create your own workout, I did mine by the help of those web sites that I mentioned above- and which I keep track of 4 times a week. It is 4 times a week, because I only work out 4 days in a week. I am also new to this program, but I try to keep track of what I eat and my workouts, with the help of simple and downloadable Workout Logs from It has been a week since I started to do this program, and I have already lost 5 pounds (2.4kg) till this Wednesday and now I weigh 200 pounds. And my goal is to go down as low as 175 by the end of the year 2012. I am not limiting myself because I still am not sure what my body is capable of, but if I reach my goal earlier than I thought, I am definitely popping out a bottle of champagne… LOL just kidding, no alcohol in my diet 😀 at least till the summer of 2013.

DLoss also helping me thru the loaded school work, it helps me to empty my mind. It is so relaxing, and we are working out as a group of 5, so it is really productive, they are pushing me hard tho 😀

So I will upload this blog about the process of DLoss every week, and there will be other posts about working out tips and things to do etc. and there will be a post coming about Apple’s new iPhone and new iOS like in two or three days.

Chill out people 

School Started!

17 Sep

Hey all y’all. My it has been a week since the senior year of high school has begun. Damn, it is so tiring. I almost have zero energy when I get home after school.

I started to work with my camera to relax, taking photographs like portraits, views etc. and you can see my collection here:Daghan Percinel’s Collection

Other than that there is almost nothing to do. Now I have work to do and tests to study so gotta go bye!