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The Apple iOS goodies before the Apple iOS 7.

12 Jun

Okay, you know what I’m talking about. The most requested service in the older iOS version, and by older I mean iOS’s 1 thru 5. It’s the Wireless Syncing. 

Wireless Syncing between iOS device and iTunes came into our lives (officially) with iOS 5. Why was that so important? Because it cut all the cords and brought freedom, to our desks and to our devices. 

However, there was a huge issue, with Windows PC’s. The wireless sync was not working properly, at least it wasn’t for me. After browsing the net for a solution, I finally came up with something and made iTunes found and connected to my devices, in this case my iPad and my iPod touch, BUT THE ACTUAL SYNCING PROCESS WAS NOT WORKING. Every time I tried to sync, iTunes failed to connect to devices and messed up the whole process. I tried giving static IP’s to my devices including my PC, I tried to reset the router. Nothing worked. 

Finally, I guess a year later, or two, Apple released iTunes version 11.0.3, which solved the Wireless Syncing issue for me. I don’t have a clue why this is working, it just does. I’m currently running Windows 8 and I don’t use static IP on any of my devices. 

DO NOT UPDATE to iTunes version 11.0.4, which is currently the newest version,  because it will ruin everything. I updated, and actually had go to back to the 11.0.3 which is working perfectly.  Leave a comment down below and let me know if this works for you too.