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Quick tip for those who can’t attend WWDC next week

4 Jun

So its that time of the year again, Apple is going to reveal what they have been doing since the last years conference, hopefully some new product lineups. It is the Worldwide Developers Conference 2013. 

You needed to pay a fee to attend this conference, and you also needed to be lucky in order to score one, but this years ticket sale ended in almost 3 minutes. 

However there is an other way to get a closer look whats happening inside the Moscone West, the WWDC app. Of course its not the same experience, but the app can provide you the latest news, video footage from the presentations, keynotes and sessions, and lets you follow along with the conference. Sure the app is available in the App Store for free, but you need to be a registered developer to use it.

If you are new to the developers world, and you want to have a closer look at whats going on during the conference, there is a way to do that without sacrificing a penny; registering to the Safari Dev Center, which will provide you the access to the WWDC app. 

You are welcome.